A Midsummer Night's Dream at 3rd Primary School of Tavros

20/05/2010 08:51


It can be done! The 30 children of the 6th class of the 3rd Primary School of Tavros along with their English teacher Despina Ignatiadou and their Music teacher Alekos Koimbzopoulos are to be congratulated for a wonderful performance in English on the 19th May. Not only were the children word perfect but showed great enjoyment and understanding of the humour as they acted,sang and danced their way through a simplified version (downloaded from the Internet) of Shakespeare's well known comedy "A Midsummer Night's Dream".The idea of performing the play, Mrs Ignatiadou told me, was inspired by the suggestion  in their new course book (unit 3, p 34) that they attempt one act of the play!!  Congratulations to all concerned including the headmistress, staff and parents. Below are a few photographs of the performance (permission granted by parents and teachers concerned).