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Using animated VIDEO to present the PASSIVE VOICE in present continuous tense to young learners

30/05/2011 18:19
  Images downloaded from Google.  This lesson plan was presented at  the second English forum by Barbara Crespi. Level: Suitable for 6thgrade primary school and A’ gymnasium classes.   Materials: Animated video called 'ELEPHANT GROWS THE FOREST' downloaded from...

BEATLEMANIA introduced at Experimental lyceum of University of Athens. Teacher: Ourania Koutrouli

13/04/2011 18:04
  LESSON PLAN Experimental School of The University of Athens Number of students : 16 Teacher: Ourania Koutrouli Grade / English Level: 1st Senior High School/ Mixed ability class (levels Pre-intermediate-Advanced). Subject: Songs conveying messages relevant to the modern...


11/04/2011 18:08
     Demonstration lesson plan – 11 April, 2011 3rd EPA.L of Tavros Teacher: Marina Goula Grade/English level: 2nd of EPAL / mixed ability class (levels A1-B2) Number of students: 16 Subject: Job interviews Duration: 40 min Aim and description: Students learn vocabulary related...

USING AUTHENTIC MATERIAL Experimental Gymnasium of University of Athens. Teacher: Flora Bacha

06/04/2011 18:19

ΠΕΑΠ: Practicing colors and clothing with B' class at 15th primary school Ilioupolis. Teacher: Fotini Veneti

05/04/2011 09:00
  Venue:      15th Primary School Ilioupolis Date:          6th hour, 4th April 2011 Class:         B class  Teacher:    Fotini Veneti LESSON PLAN MATERIALS:...

TEAM TEACHING at 2nd experimental lyceum of Ahens Teachers: Maria Mastrogiannopoulou & Maria Hioni

28/03/2011 18:55
  Lying Demonstration Lesson Plan 2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens Grade: 2 groups of 2nd classes of Lyceum (45 students) Purpose: To learn new vocabulary, practice group work and reaching a consensus after discussion, making moral decisions Explain to the class that today’s theme is...

Comparison of adjectives / A' class 2nd Experimental Gymnasium Athens. Teacher: Katerina Karyampa

23/03/2011 08:11
  A fun video and Comparison of adjectives Lesson plan Class: A class Teacher: Katerina Karyampa Main lesson aims By the end of the lesson: Students will be able to understand a dialogue they will listen to and connect the events of the story with the characters’ feelings. They will...

Teaching third year lyceum students at the 2nd Experimental Lyceum Athens, Teacher: Maria Hioni

17/03/2011 14:07
  Grade: 3rd class of Lyceum, 14th March  2011 Lesson Plan Purpose: To learn new vocabulary, practice group work and reaching a consensus after discussion, initiate critical thinking skills   A)     Warm-up exercise (5 minutes):  Vocabulary Exercise...

THE MEDIA TODAY - C class 2nd Experimental Gymnasium Athens Teacher: Dimitra Dertili

11/03/2011 14:36
  PLEASE NOTE 3 ATTACHED POWER POINT FILES IN  THIS LESSON PLAN AND THE VOCABULARY EXERCISE AS SEEN IN PHOTO ABOVE   An introductory lesson on “the media today” Submitted by: Demetra Dertili School: 2nd Experimental Junior High School of Athens Date: March 9,...

USING AUTHENTIC MATERIALS /2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens. Teacher: Popy Dougaly

02/03/2011 19:40
Video downloaded from Sky news with story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DA-LGCVRvHM  
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