DEVELOPING READING SKILLS / A' CLASS1st Experimental Gymnasium Athens/ Teacher: Ioanna Koudouni

12/01/2011 20:08


Class: A3

Number of students: 27

Mode of work: group work. (3 groups of 4 students and 3 groups of 5 students).

Coursebook: Think Teen!

Lesson: Reading text titled: ‘The Vikings’, Workbook, p. 44.

Date: 12 January 2011



Pre-reading stage

Objectives: - to activate prior knowledge of learners.

                     - to motivate and prepare them for the reading text.

                        - creating a purpose for reading.

Procedure: students work in their groups and share their knowledge.

Interaction:  genuine communication.

-       collaborative work.

Time: 5 min.


While-reading stage

The original text is divided into smaller portions. In this way the text and the activities are processed more easily.

Objectives: -     to provide a visual representation (a map) of what is described in the                                   text and to respond to the text in a non-linguistic way (activity 1).

-       to involve the students in the visualisation of the short history of the Vikings (activity 1)

-       to get learners to classify and somehow recreate the information in the text: information transfer activity (activities 2,3).

-       To practice scanning for specific facts (activities 2, 3).

Procedure: group work.

Interaction:  collaborative work. Students learn through their communication with their peers.

Time: 20 min.


Post-reading stage

Objectives:  -     to predict the ‘end’ of the Vikings’ history.

-       To give learners the opportunity to use their knowledge from the text and their background knowledge to create something on their own.

-       To give the opportunity to the students to learn more about the Vikings.

Procedure: group work.

Time: 10 min.

The Vikings worksheets.doc (40,5 kB)   Worksheets of exercises used during the lesson.  

The text can be downloaded from this webpage on the 'coursebook' page.