Classroom organisation on first day of teaching in new school year

02/09/2010 17:45

  Here are some things to think about before teaching starts


Try and get your staff to agree to change the layout of the classroom(s) if you don’t have your own classroom.

The best options are:

α)  setting 2 desks together for group work in a circle around the classroom as in picture downloaded from Google      















 b) Or set up a Π or even a double Π if there is enough room


 2. Next think of activities for first day.

 Remember this experiential exercise that we did in last year’s seminars.

1.   Sit in a circle.

2.   Everybody say your name.

3.   Now repeat your name and use one word to describe your personality.

4.   In pairs tell your neighbour about your life and one thing you’d like to change in it.

5.    Now stand behind your partner and say “I am (partner’s name) and then tell the class what your neighbour said as though you are that person.


3. Set up classroom rules with the students

If time, write them down and illustrate them and pin them on the classroom wall

For example: rules about speaking in class, latecomers, handing in homework etc.

Always try to be in class before your students to welcome them.

Be firm but friendly from the first day.

Show respect to your students and they will respect you.


See lots more like this poster on this Google site.


 (If you look in Google 'images and then search for 'classroom rules' this site should appear)