Classroom theatre / 6th class primary school. Teacher: Barbara Crespi

15/02/2011 17:30

3rd Primary School Zografou 21 March 2011 (introduction/ preparation/presentations)

HILL Private Primary School, Plaka  2nd March 2011(presentations)


6/θεσιο ΠΣΠΑ Σkoufa /15 February 2011(getting prepared)



Number of students: 24 Skoufa / 16 Hill

Mode of work: whole class/ groups of 8 students.

Coursebook: English 6th grade (ΟΕΔΒ)

Lesson: Classroom theatre, Unit 3, p 34

Materials: Laptop, video projector, loudspeakers, photocopies of worksheet, ppt presentation, YouTube animated video produced by BBC (parts 1 &2) , shortened and converted to MP4. See  part 1 on following URL


Overall objective: to stimulate an interest in theatre and Shakespeare as a purveyor of the English language at its best.

Pre-reading stage

Objectives: - to motivate and prepare Ss for the reading text.

                      - to encourage learning through communication with peers   

Procedure:  Warm up through ppt presentation of pictures and language quotes Classroom theatre.ppt (830 kB)

Then students are asked to watch a short animated video (8:11 mins) which gives a glimpse of the part of a Midsummer Night’s Dream  found in simplified version on  6th class course books, after which they carry out a matching exercise concerning the characters and the plot.  See exercise and other warm up materials on ppt  above

Time: 15 min.

While-reading stage

Objectives: - to read text and prepare for acting it out in front of their peers   

Procedure: Ss decide which character they want to be. Ss work in their group reading and trying to learn their parts. Teacher hands out props and moves among Ss encouraging and listening.

Time: 10 min.

Post-reading stage

Objectives: to have fun while practicing the excerpt from the text book,

Procedure: - Ss act out the excerpt using the language as best they remember it in the time allotted with the props and their imagination.

Time: 10-15 min.