Creative tools for improving presentations of material in class

25/01/2011 16:43


Below find links to websites that will enable students (and teachers) to access information and improve presentations of projects (and lessons). a great site for making flash cards  (excellent technical ideas blog)  (amazing views of works in major international art galleries )  (free to use video-rich history resource in time sequence)  (a toy for generating word clouds)  (free tool for downloading videos for teaching with)  (Use this tool to plan essays, group vocabulary items, idioms, lexical chunks)  (a new alternative to power point presentations)  (how to make a picture album) (amazing & creative tech tips for teachers)

https://bbc, (BBC news feed)  (Visitor world map )   (British library sound archive) (Google open music search) ( free photo archive) (write your own crosswords) (Build a wall. A lovely idea if you have access to a computer network. I've seen it done with conditionals and could be done with whole class and a lap top).