DEVELOPING LISTENING SKILLS / B' class 1st Experimental lyceum Athens / Teacher: Emily Kalfa-Koutouzi

19/01/2011 18:28


1st Experimental General Lyceum  of Athens

Wednesday, 19  January 2011

Second Year Class, English Session

Demonstration lesson in B2 class of 21 students

Course book: Complete First Certificate  -   Unit 15 (pages 134-137)

Teacher: Emily Kalfa Koutouzi



LESSON: Listening to a dialogue ;  Reading extract;

                  followed by vocabulary and grammar exercises.


·        Identifying and discussing briefly celebrations and festivals.

                    (Vocabulary and Listening skills activated)

·        Prompting partners to suggest ideas about specific celebrations. 

               (speaking – discussion skills motivated)

·        Using passive either talking or  rewriting and completing sentences.

                     (Grammar practiced)

 PROCEDURE: group work mostly; individual at times

 INTERACTION : collaborative work

 Books closed - word  FIESTA  on board.

Visual aid through photos – time for a “brainstorming”.

 Questions to groups:

 1.     What events are typical for public festivals and celebrations in our country?

2.     What are the main features of festivals?

3.     When are the most important festivals

  Students fill part I in a worksheet.    (time: 10 minutes apr.)

 UNIT 15  (page 134)     FIESTA!  


·       Students open books - do exercises: 1, 2, 3.

·       Short  discussion  about home festivals (more photos )

·       Exercise 4.

 Students fill in part II of worksheet.

 LISTENING  (page 135)

·        Pre –listening stage: exercise 1

·        Listening; exercises 3 and 4.

GRAMMAR –The Passive

 Exercises: 1 (page 135), 3 (page 136).

 Short extract reading “Sham el Nassim”; exercises 4,5 and 6 (page 136)

 Exercises 7 and 8 (page 137) to be prepared for the next time.

 Last five minutes students work out in groups the prompt in Activity sheet.

They present it in class and hold briefly a discussion about it.

(if there is no time left, this can be put as a homework )


work sheets lesson2 .doc (31,5 kB)