e-twinning celebration at 10th Primary School of Ilioupolis

14/06/2011 18:24

 The 10th Primary School of Ilioupolis under the guidance of English teacher Natalie Tzitzi and with the cooperation of the whole teaching staff performed sketches and sang in both Greek and English about the dangers of domestic violence, bullying at school, racism and war thus ending the e-twinning programme for this school year . The day ended with John Lennon's Imagine. See the programme below and a few photographs of the event. A huge effort and it is certanly an indication of the dedication and hard work of the teachers and pupils of this school. 

Report of the year's work   10th PS Ilioupolis e-twinning report.doc (73,5 kB) 
Photo of learning process, class watching  video 10th PS Ilioupolis class.jpg (140,6 kB)

The end of year programme 10th primary school Ilioupolis e-twinning.doc (91,5 kB)