GIVING ADVICE / A class 1st Experimental Gymnasium Athens. Teacher: Jenny Papadopoulou

26/01/2011 16:23


Demonstration Lesson

Teacher: Papadopoulou Eugenia

Class: A2

Number of students: 28

Textbook: Think Teen! (1st Grade of Junior High School – Advanced Level)

Lesson: Unit 3, lesson 2: “Teen matters – Your problem sorted”

Mode of work: Group work

Date:  January 26, 2011

Time allotted for the lesson: 40 minutes


Pre-reading stage

Objectives: - to activate learners’ background knowledge

                       - to provide the context for the material used in the lesson

                       - to present new language in context

Procedure: students work in groups in order to match short passages with pictures and discuss what the lesson is about

Time: 5 minutes

Reading stage

Objectives: - to involve students in skimming a text to understand the general meaning & scanning a text to locate specific information

- to integrate reading with speaking

- to present language of giving advice in context

Procedure: students work in groups in order to locate specific facts (Tasks 1 &2) and notice the language forms in the input text so as to work out the language for giving advice for themselves (Task 3)

Time: 20 minutes

Post-reading stage

Objectives: - to involve students in writing a letter of advice and apply the knowledge gained from the previous stages

                       - to integrate writing with speaking

- to supplement the material in the textbook listening to an authentic song, exposing in this way the students to real language

Procedure:  students discuss in groups ideas for advice for the teenager they have chosen. Then, they are  assigned for homework to write a letter of advice using Agony Aunt’s letter as a model and the ideas they have discussed. Finally, they listen to an authentic song, the final verses of which they can rewrite using the Advice Language they were taught.

Time: 15 minutes

Teen matters-Worksheet for demonstration lesson.doc (35 kB)

P.S. In the discussion after this demonstration lesson one teacher mentioned that when she had taught this chapter she had asked Ss to write a personal problem to a teenage magazine annonomously. She then mixed them up and handed them out to other students to write their  'advice'. She said it was very successful.