Improving listening and speaking skills / C class of 1st Experimental Lyceum of Athens. Teacher: Barbara Crespi

02/02/2011 18:11

 Today I was teaching  at Plaka because the class teacher was ill. Transport strike another problem, though I managed to get there by tram, other teachers had to drive or take a taxi for which I thank them.  Half the class missing but still an enjoyable day with excellent cheese pies supplied by school and my long time colleague Emily kalfa .

 1st Experimental lyceum of Athens        

Teacher: Barbara Crespi

Class: C 2

Number of students: 8 out of 25

Mode of work: group tasks / whole class discussion

Equipment: laptop, loud speakers, video projector, grids, 2 YouTube songs converted to MP4

Lesson: Developing listening and speaking skills related to social issue of stress and its management.

Date: 2nd February 2011



Warm-up stage


to stimulate discussion about stress,  it causes and management

to encourage students to work collaboratively

Procedure: Teacher asks Ss for their definition of stress. Then each group is given a small grid to fill in after discussing the causes, results and management of their own stress. Followed by whole class discussion of their findings


YOUR STRESS          

Time: 10 min.


Presentation  stage


to improve listening and observation skills, 

- to broaden their horizens on social issues

Procedure: Students given while-listening task and then asked to watch a video while listening to a song twice, sung by Carrie Underwood called ‘Jesus take the wheel ‘  See YouTube URL below   They complete the task of filling in another small  chart with what they observed on the video about other groups of people's stress in their group ( fears of the elderly, stress of  mother caring for baby, a young couple quarreling etc) and then present their findings to the class. The words of the song are not focussed on except as a general message about finding ways to manage stress. In this case through prayer.

Time: 20 min.


Practice  stage


to present their group’s approach to the specific task on the management of stress

Procedure: Groups given a specific stress problem and decide how they would help a friend (with that problem) to overcome it. Then discussed in whole class with aid of power point presentation (too big to attach here).

Time: 10 min.



1) Job related stress

Your friend has lost his job and is feeling terrible. What do you say and do to help him /her ?

2) Health related stress

Your friend has suddenly put on a lot of weight and is feeling terrible. What do you say and do to help him /her ?

3) Relationship problems

Your friend has just broken up with her  boyfriend / his girl friend. What do you say and do to help him /her?

4)Living conditions

Your friend has to change flats she can’t afford to pay the rent. What do you say and do to help him /her?

 5) Trouble with the law

Your friend has got into trouble with the police. She/he is too frightened to tell her/his parents. What do you say and do to help him /her?


An amusing song about a mother’s ‘stress’ played with English subtitles to be read and listened to before ending  lesson     (Mom's song)