PEAP at close of pilot year of teaching English to A' class at 800 state primary schools

26/05/2011 15:49

  Role play at 1st PS  Dafne                             Memory game  at 3rd PS Pangrati

This week I attended 3 A' classes at the end of this first year of teaching the 1st and 2nd grades of primary school. I was most impressed by imaginative and inspiring  teaching by dedicated educators.  Here are representative photos of  role playing and chanting at the 1st primary school of Dafne with teacher Harry Bantos, video and a memory  game at the  3rd PS of Athens in Pangrati with Vaso Pelakouda and story telling, song and games at the 15th primary school of Ilioupolis with Fotini Veneti.

Chanting colours and numbers at1st PS Dafne  Watching video at 3rd PS Pangrati

All  teachers in the 38 schools involved in A' Athina area are to be warmly congratulated after this first exhausting year and I hope that next year will be easier with many of the teaching materials already prepared and valuable experience gained in dealing with these very young learners.

Story telling, song and games  at 15th PS Ilioupolis