Student Debate. 2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens. Teacher: Katerina Gaitanou

16/02/2011 17:53


Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Class: B2

The students are going to focus on pages 66 & 67 from the book REVISED CHOICES for FCE (Burlington Editions)


Warm-up questions, p66 (approx. 5 min.)

Text Reading (Bend it Like Beckham), pp66-67 (approx. 10 min)

Your parents don’t always know what’s best for you: students give examples of parental guidance which might not always work for them (approx. 5 min)

The students, in groups of 4, organize their argumentation for or against parental guidance (approx. 10 min)

Debate among the different groups (approx. 15 min)


For homework, the students are going to write a coherent summary of what they have heard in class, integrating their own arguments.

In the next two sessions, the students are going to watch the film “Do it Like Beckham”, by Gurinder Chadna (2002)