Teaching birthday vocabulary to 3rd class of A' 6/thesio Maraslio School. Teacher: Despina Akriotou

07/02/2011 19:24



A’ Experimental Primary School of Marasleio.

C’ Class

Teacher : Deppy Acriotou

Athens, February the 7th 2011

 Course Book: Welcome to our World I (Module 4)      by Express Publishing

Lesson plan 45 min.


Aim: Teaching vocabulary on Birthday, counting to twenty and practicing the dialogue “How old are you?” – “I am ……..”

Teaching Methodology: Pair / group work.

Audio visual aids: Flashcards, handouts, a board game designed for the lesson and a DVD.

Stage I (3 min.)

Presentation of the vocabulary with Flashcards.

 Stage II (5-7 min.)

Oral practice in groups with the use of flashcards.

Stage III (10 min.)

Board game “Happy Birthday” in groups.   Open attached file - BIRTHDAY GAME.pdf (193,9 kB)

 Stage IV (10 min.)

Cutting and pasting numbers in groups.

 Stage V (15 min.)

Disney “Magic English” DVD on “Happy Birthday”.

 Stage VI

Homework : Children have

a) to write a birthday card following a model card

b) to read the words of the DVD song.

c) completion of a handout with funny activities 

Other files available but too big to atach to this webpage (10MB) Should anyone like them please contact me (Barbara)