Material links for primary school teachers

25/01/2011 15:58

ELT material resources for teachers of young learners An excellent talking dictionary with games and more - sent  by School Advisor Thodoris Maniakas from Thessaloniki.
GREAT MUSIC FOR ALL AGES.doc (163 kB) (videos and lyrics, FREE and BRILLIANT!) (University of Athens site  for ΠΕΑΠ classes) (An exciting Australian site teaching Greek history to young children -sent by Ioanna Tselinga of the 3rd EPAL)  (A brilliant site full of language building activities)  ( Teachers Pet - young learners' material) (always reliable (thousands  of free early learning materials) /linguascope  (free preview only) (good young learners materials)  (printable materials) (some good free materials/ or small fee for all materials ) (some music and good efl learning lyrics)  (not free, but worth looking at what's available) (interactive activities for young learners) (an exciting tool for collaborative story telling) (free authoring suite)  (lovely story)


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