Materials links for secondary school teachers

20/05/2010 10:32

 Find links to blogs, recources for new materials  as well as links to ways to make your teaching presentations more creative. 

ELT resources

GREAT MUSIC FOR ALL AGES.doc (163 kB) (videos and lyrics, FREE and BRILLIANT!) Excellent lesson planning ideas on site sent to me by Maria Hioni of 2nd Experimental Gymnasium    (brilliant projects ready for teaching) (free till April - an excellent resource) (videos) (teaching materials free)  ( tested projects for use in the classroom both on and offline  (lesson plans)

P.S. Most publishers in EFL have websites and often have free material. For obvious reasons I cannot name them here but if you are using one of their books at lyceum or 3rd class primary I suggest you take a look at what is available.

 N.B.  a link that will explain plagiarism laws