What and how to teach with video by Jack Koumi

06/02/2011 17:09

A two day conference at Ministry of Education 3-4 February 2011 on effective use of video in education relating to online services of  Edutubeplus video library. See https://www.wdutubeplus.eu.  Not enough data as yet but worth waiting for.

Key note speaker Jack Koumi made 2 excellent presentations and has given me permission to scan the first page of his handout.  During his his first presentation he referred to and showed 8 short videos which exemplifed his categories. 

For example  a sort video of a student preparing for external exams showed various aspects  of  the strategies he used in his preparation through revision, notetaking etc, the exam taking and finally measured success in order to illustrate the functions in 4.2. His second presentation on how to teach, talked us through the transcript of a video in order to to illustrate principles such as 'seeding' of new ideas, leading up to solving a  problem which was the theme of the video. See also in greater detail in the following- https://www.jackkoumi.co.uk/paper-on-screenwriting-new.pdf