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PRACTICING PRESENT SIMPLE. C/D CLASS, 3 teacher Maraslio Experimental Primary School. TEACHER: Maria Thanassoulopoulou

20/01/2011 16:33
You can download pages 70 & 71 from the D class students' book on the coursebook webpage of this website below. https://www.pi-schools.gr/books/dimotiko/english_d/math/sel_58_72.pdf  

DEVELOPING LISTENING SKILLS / B' class 1st Experimental lyceum Athens / Teacher: Emily Kalfa-Koutouzi

19/01/2011 18:28
  1st Experimental General Lyceum  of Athens Wednesday, 19  January 2011 Second Year Class, English Session Demonstration lesson in B2 class of 21 students Course book: Complete First Certificate  -   Unit 15 (pages 134-137) Teacher: Emily Kalfa...

DEVELOPING READING SKILLS / A' CLASS1st Experimental Gymnasium Athens/ Teacher: Ioanna Koudouni

12/01/2011 20:08
  Class: A3 Number of students: 27 Mode of work: group work. (3 groups of 4 students and 3 groups of 5 students). Coursebook: Think Teen! Lesson: Reading text titled: ‘The Vikings’, Workbook, p. 44. Date: 12 January 2011   LESSON PLAN Pre-reading stage Objectives: - to activate prior...

Classroom organisation on first day of teaching in new school year

02/09/2010 17:45
  Here are some things to think about before teaching starts 1)   CLASSROOM LAYOUT OPTONS. Try and get your staff to agree to change the layout of the classroom(s) if you don’t have your own classroom. The best options are: α)  setting 2 desks together for group work in a...

Teaching poetry to lyceum students. Teacher: Barbara Crespi

15/05/2010 10:27
 This lesson was taught as a demonstration lesson to lyceum teachers of A Athens in 2nd term 2009-2010 Sindhi Woman by Jon Stallworthy Poem published 1992 in 'Modern Poetry' by Alex Martin and Robert Hill. (Prentice Hall) Taught to lyceum teachers from offices of Directory &...
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