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TEACHING PAST HABITS / 6th class 174th Primary School of Athens. Teacher: Antigone Bratsoli

28/02/2011 20:40
  Lesson Plan Class: 6th grade Primary school, 11-12 year olds (4th year of English) Level: Beginners + Lesson time: 40 minutes Materials: Pupil’s book (PB), Unit 5, pp. 50-53, Teacher’s handouts, CD with song downloaded from the internet   ] Stage 1-Brainstorming /...

CLIL (context & language integrated learning) at 2nd Experimental Gymnasium of Athens. Teachers: Maria Hioni & Ioannis Antoniou

25/02/2011 13:57
                                Teaching language through other subjects.  Ioannis Antoniou the headmaster of the 2nd Experimental...

Student Debate. 2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens. Teacher: Katerina Gaitanou

16/02/2011 17:53
DEMONSTRATION LESSON Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 Class: B2 The students are going to focus on pages 66 & 67 from the book REVISED CHOICES for FCE (Burlington Editions)   Warm-up questions, p66 (approx. 5 min.) Text Reading (Bend it Like Beckham), pp66-67 (approx. 10 min) Your parents...

Classroom theatre / 6th class primary school. Teacher: Barbara Crespi

15/02/2011 17:30
3rd Primary School Zografou 21 March 2011 (introduction/ preparation/presentations) HILL Private Primary School, Plaka  2nd March 2011(presentations) Π 6/θεσιο ΠΣΠΑ Σkoufa /15 February 2011(getting prepared) 24  LESSON PLAN Number of students: 24 Skoufa / 16 Hill Mode of work:...

Modal verbs expressing obligation / B class 2nd Experimental Gymnasium. Teacher: Smaro Dalabira

09/02/2011 17:54
  LESSON PLAN  Wednesday, 9 February 2011 Class: B, Level: Advanced Lesson length: 40’ Number of students: 27 Course book: Think Teen- 2nd grade Teacher: Smaro Dalabira   1st stage      (time estimated: 7’) Previous lesson review (Think Teen St.Book,p...

Teaching birthday vocabulary to 3rd class of A' 6/thesio Maraslio School. Teacher: Despina Akriotou

07/02/2011 19:24
    A’ Experimental Primary School of Marasleio. C’ Class Teacher : Deppy Acriotou Athens, February the 7th 2011  Course Book: Welcome to our World I (Module 4)      by Express Publishing Lesson plan 45 min.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aim: Teaching vocabulary on...

Improving listening and speaking skills / C class of 1st Experimental Lyceum of Athens. Teacher: Barbara Crespi

02/02/2011 18:11
 Today I was teaching  at Plaka because the class teacher was ill. Transport strike another problem, though I managed to get there by tram, other teachers had to drive or take a taxi for which I thank them.  Half the class missing but still an enjoyable day with...

Learning the days of the week / 3rd class A' 6/thesio Marasleio Primary School. Teacher: Despina Akriotou

01/02/2011 18:19
DAYS OF THE WEEK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC2OVPgB2uE&feature=fvsr

HAVING FUN with PRESENT SIMPLE/ C&D CLASS, 3 teacher Maraslio Experimental Primary School/ TEACHER Maria Thanassoulopoulou

27/01/2011 16:13
 3/θ Πειραματικό Δημοτικό Σχολείο Π.Τ.Δ.Ε. Π.Α  Demonstration lesson Teacher: Maria Thanassoulopoulou   LESSON PLAN Class: 3rd and 4th grade / Primary school Number of students: 19 Mode of work: pair work/ group work. Pupils are divided into groups according to their...

GIVING ADVICE / A class 1st Experimental Gymnasium Athens. Teacher: Jenny Papadopoulou

26/01/2011 16:23
 1ST EXPERIMENTAL GYMNASIUM OF ATHENS Demonstration Lesson Teacher: Papadopoulou Eugenia Class: A2 Number of students: 28 Textbook: Think Teen! (1st Grade of Junior High School – Advanced Level) Lesson: Unit 3, lesson 2: “Teen matters – Your problem sorted” Mode of work: Group...
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