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Learning Difficulties seminar report

16/09/2010 08:39
Please find practical advise with short bibliographies from the speakers at the two (2) seminars on learning difficulties September 8th (primary) and 9th (Secondary) 1) Dr Eleni Livaniou  Teaching tips for ADHD.pdf (253,6 kB) 2) Dr  Thalia Hatziyiannoglou   Τεχνικές ένταξης...

Behaviour Management

10/10/2010 09:53
Take a look at this advice on dealing with problematic classroom behaviour written by Dave Stott and presented by colleague Stavrianna Soumbasi   top 20 behaviour strategies.doc (30 kB) 

Awareness raising videos for teachers

26/10/2010 18:19
Below are some videos which are added here to share with teachers  to make think about the job we are trying to do. 1)  Pay attention.  2) Talk on creativity by Ken Robinson...

Inservice teacher training timetables 2010-2011

25/11/2010 15:41
)Below find the 2 excel files with the 1st and 2nd term timertables for inservice teacher training for English teachers in A' Athina with the venues for each office and level.  All seminars take place from 11.45-1400 except where stated. Invitations will be sent to schools before the planned...

Multiple intelligences video

13/12/2010 08:40
At the Enota Multiple Intelligences Academy, in Gainesville, Georgia, students know exactly how they are smart.  To learn how and why, watch this video sent to me by Thodoris Maniakas, school advisor for Polyguros ,...

English Tea Party at 1st Primary School Kasairiani

23/12/2010 16:10
Congratulations to English teacher Ms Dimitra Georgiopoulou,  Head mistress Ms Timoklea Ioannidou and the staff and parents of the 1st primary school of Kasairiani for organising the English Tea  Party for all the students learning English in the school, class by class on the last school...

Environmental education project by A' class 1st Gymnasio Kasairiani

10/01/2011 11:09
Here is the link to the environmental project of the 1st Gymnasio of Kasairiani,  set up and organised under the guidance of  English teacher Lefki Stefouli. The excellent end products of the project include a ppt presentation, a newspaper and several posters which are mainly in...

DEVELOPING READING SKILLS / A' CLASS1st Experimental Gymnasium Athens/ Teacher: Ioanna Koudouni

12/01/2011 20:08
  Class: A3 Number of students: 27 Mode of work: group work. (3 groups of 4 students and 3 groups of 5 students). Coursebook: Think Teen! Lesson: Reading text titled: ‘The Vikings’, Workbook, p. 44. Date: 12 January 2011   LESSON PLAN Pre-reading stage Objectives: - to activate prior...

Using technology with young learners

18/01/2011 19:44
USING TECHNOLOGY WITH YOUNG LEARNERS.doc (139,5 kB) This article was presented by Barbara Crespi at the PEKADE conference on 2nd october 2010 and published in ASPECTS Today (2010) Volume 28:7-9 .

DEVELOPING LISTENING SKILLS / B' class 1st Experimental lyceum Athens / Teacher: Emily Kalfa-Koutouzi

19/01/2011 18:28
  1st Experimental General Lyceum  of Athens Wednesday, 19  January 2011 Second Year Class, English Session Demonstration lesson in B2 class of 21 students Course book: Complete First Certificate  -   Unit 15 (pages 134-137) Teacher: Emily Kalfa...
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