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PRACTICING PRESENT SIMPLE. C/D CLASS, 3 teacher Maraslio Experimental Primary School. TEACHER: Maria Thanassoulopoulou

20/01/2011 16:33
You can download pages 70 & 71 from the D class students' book on the coursebook webpage of this website below.  

Material links for primary school teachers

25/01/2011 15:58
ELT material resources for teachers of young learners An excellent talking dictionary with games and more - sent  by School Advisor Thodoris Maniakas from Thessaloniki. GREAT MUSIC FOR ALL AGES.doc (163 kB) (videos and lyrics, FREE and...

Creative tools for improving presentations of material in class

25/01/2011 16:43
  Below find links to websites that will enable students (and teachers) to access information and improve presentations of projects (and lessons). a great site for making flash cards  (excellent technical ideas...

Extra material -songs, poems and YouTube videos

26/01/2011 08:27
Below find videos, songs and poems suitable for using in class both to raise student awareness about  serious social issues and/or for enjoyment. 2) Learning difficulties Physically challenged kids running race - Stalin.wmv (6,9 MB) 3) A lesson in creativity  Escada Piano.wmv (3,4...

GIVING ADVICE / A class 1st Experimental Gymnasium Athens. Teacher: Jenny Papadopoulou

26/01/2011 16:23
 1ST EXPERIMENTAL GYMNASIUM OF ATHENS Demonstration Lesson Teacher: Papadopoulou Eugenia Class: A2 Number of students: 28 Textbook: Think Teen! (1st Grade of Junior High School – Advanced Level) Lesson: Unit 3, lesson 2: “Teen matters – Your problem sorted” Mode of work: Group...

HAVING FUN with PRESENT SIMPLE/ C&D CLASS, 3 teacher Maraslio Experimental Primary School/ TEACHER Maria Thanassoulopoulou

27/01/2011 16:13
 3/θ Πειραματικό Δημοτικό Σχολείο Π.Τ.Δ.Ε. Π.Α  Demonstration lesson Teacher: Maria Thanassoulopoulou   LESSON PLAN Class: 3rd and 4th grade / Primary school Number of students: 19 Mode of work: pair work/ group work. Pupils are divided into groups according to their...

Learning the days of the week / 3rd class A' 6/thesio Marasleio Primary School. Teacher: Despina Akriotou

01/02/2011 18:19

Improving listening and speaking skills / C class of 1st Experimental Lyceum of Athens. Teacher: Barbara Crespi

02/02/2011 18:11
 Today I was teaching  at Plaka because the class teacher was ill. Transport strike another problem, though I managed to get there by tram, other teachers had to drive or take a taxi for which I thank them.  Half the class missing but still an enjoyable day with...

What and how to teach with video by Jack Koumi

06/02/2011 17:09
A two day conference at Ministry of Education 3-4 February 2011 on effective use of video in education relating to online services of  Edutubeplus video library. See  Not enough data as yet but worth waiting for. Key note speaker Jack Koumi...

Teaching birthday vocabulary to 3rd class of A' 6/thesio Maraslio School. Teacher: Despina Akriotou

07/02/2011 19:24
    A’ Experimental Primary School of Marasleio. C’ Class Teacher : Deppy Acriotou Athens, February the 7th 2011  Course Book: Welcome to our World I (Module 4)      by Express Publishing Lesson plan 45 min.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aim: Teaching vocabulary on...
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